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I'm Back To Blogging and Maybe with a Slightly Different Focus
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After the election in November, which is what I had veered into writing so much about, I felt like I had lost focus on the other things I could be writing about. Those things being day to day, perhaps slightly philosophical musings. I'd like to continue to record some of my inner musings, but I'd also like to begin writing more about writing, the process, the product, and memories that stem from my writing, which will hopefully generate more memories and more stories. Of course, all that I write will include my special brand of Chicanisma whether I'm writing specifically about race, identity, mexicanismo, la raza cosmica, or not.

In order to keep the amount of pressure that I put on myself to maintain my artistic pursuits and because I will be taking a writer's workshop and a video journalism course on top of my important teaching responsibilities, I will most likely only be posting two times per week. Only one if necessary and more than two when particularly inspired.

Please sign up to be my friend, check me out every once in a while ,and comment when you feel like it.

Stay tuned for my next post which will be inspired by the waning days of summer and that will be muse on the experience I had taking my son and niece swimming last Sunday and which will reference "Queen of Chlorine," an older version of a story that is part of my personal essay collection and one of my more recent postings. Check it out in advance of my next post!

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I'm Back to blogging and maybe with a slightly different focus

please explain what you mean when you use the term "Chicanoism"?

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