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Surprise Parties
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No one has ever thrown a surprise party for me before last weekend.  Let me just first say that the reason no one has never done so is not because my family and/or friends haven't ever been thoughtful . It's just that I have always been, admittedly, a bit full of myself and always thrown my own parties because I've always thought I deserved one, that all my friends would want to celebrate my birth, and because I've always liked the attention.

As I've grown a bit older and matured a bit, however, I've grown out of the need to switch on my spotlight. I've stopped taking advantage of every excuse to direct attention my way  -- it takes so much less energy, and I can now appreciate a much more quiet life and humble approach -- emphasis on the word "more" because I know in comparison with others, I am not humble or quiet at all. 

 I suppose these things happen with age, but I also know that I've learned a thing or two from Ines. There are other factors too, one being money and the other parenthood. As a mother whose only child's birthday is less than a month from her own, I found that I am much more concerned with planning his parties than my own. Financially, it makes sense to spend whatever I might be able to spend on Luis Manuel rather than myself. Perhaps it is this very stage in my human development that prompted Ines to go all out this year and throw me such a big party because it happened just when I least expected it to, I don't think there's anything Ines hates more than an obnoxious sense of entitlement and selfish expectations.

Anyway, the thing I meant to say about surprise parties was that the real surprise isn't showing up to your house on a rainy day to a house full of people shouting surprise on day that you haven't showered, wearing some funky jeans, an old top, hardly any make-up, and wet hair, but the real surprise is seeing who came it out to share the surprise -- the people you see all the time who still like you anyway, who haven't yet grown tired of your loud mouth, the people who you don't even know who just happen to your husband's friends from soccer, and the people who you haven't seen in a while, your dear old friends, who came out to show they still care about you after all these years.



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