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Strange and Wonderful Visions
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This past Monday morning, the morning before the election, while making toast for Ines' breakfast sandwhich, I had a vision. As I rested one hand on the cold tile counter, waiting for the bread to finish toasting, I saw Barack Obama being sworn into office --  he and Michelle were both dressed in long, warm coats to ward off the cold January day; he had one hand on the Bible, the other in the air. Call it a vision or wishful thinking; all I know is that, in my state, stomach in knots, anxious about the outcome of the election, this clear picture of what I know will now be, provided me a great deal of comfort.

This election vision was not unlike another vision that came to me once in a different moment of need. While in graduate school, one of my professors, Amanda Davis, died tragically in a plane crash on her way to one of her several book tour readings. The small plane being piloted by her father, went down suddenly, killing all three people on board: Amanda, her father, and her mother. While I wasn't terribly fond of Amanada, as a professor, I did get the impression that she was very  talented (just too persnickity for my liking) and generous. Her not being my favorite creative writing professor didn't make her death any easier to understand. I don't remember where I was when I had the vision, but in a moment of despair over her death, I had a vision that comforted me a great deal. In the vision, Amanda and her mother, realizing that their plane was going down, clung to one another and uttered what I understood to be some kind of hebrew prayer, as the Davis family were of the Jewish faith.

I don't know where these visions come from, but they are worth paying attention to, remembering, and trusting.      

 Amanda Davis 1970-2003

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scorpios are notoriously psychic.

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